Top Tips to Maintain Your Car Battery in Summer
25 Feb

Top Tips to Maintain Your Car Battery During Summer

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Summer season is often loved by many as that means more trips to the beach and the opportunity to soak in the sun. That being said, summer is the least favored season by car batteries. They, unfortunately, do not rejoice in this as the scorching sun, especially in cities such as Dubai, has adverse effects on them. Excessive heat wreaks havoc on them, further reducing their lifespan. It also causes evaporation of the fluid inside the car battery, weakening its charge and causing plate corrosion. Repairing a car battery or replacing it might be expensive, and it even becomes worse when looking for the best and original battery. However, in this article, we will be giving tips on how you can take good care of your car battery during this hot season. Some of these tips include.

Park In The Shade

Ensure that the car is parked in an area where there is enough shade. You can do this by creating a garage that is well preserved. Avoid places with direct sunlight as it can make the hood heat up quickly and expedite heat damage. The presence of shade lowers the temperatures by some degrees, which plays a critical role in extending the car battery lifespan.

Clean Your Battery Terminals

Dirt found in the car battery terminal has some adverse repercussions. It acts as a good conductor, thus completing the circuit even when the battery is not in use. This then drains your battery power at a faster rate. Corrosion on the terminals on the other side acts as poor conductors, thus breaking the circuit in the car terminal, leading to battery failure. It may even not function when there is corrosion. Ensure that you regularly wash these terminals with recommended cleaning agents and a battery terminal brush. You are advised to use anti-corrosion spry and terminal protectors for this purpose.

Avoid Driving Short Distances

If the engine is not running long and experiences regular stopping and starting, this is a guaranteed method of lowering its lifespan. That’s why you’ll often come across articles that explain why you should avoid taking the car for short distances. The alternator requires enough time to recharge when you start an engine. Therefore, it is advisable not to use your car when going for short trips where you will need to start and stop the engine frequently.

Choose A Replacement Wisely

There are many dealers out there who are selling batteries. Some of them sell genuine batteries, while others are merely selling fake or poor-quality products. When you need a replacement, ensure that you are dealing with the authorized dealers who will sell the car battery at a good price in Dubai. Besides, ensure that you buy the right battery that matches your car. We recommend absorbed glass mat types because they are better when compared with the flooded batteries at preventing the buildup of sulfation.

Could You Bring It To The Experts?

In case of any issue that you may not understand with your battery’s performance, you should take the battery to qualified experts for both check-up and clarification. You can visit your local stores for free tests and system checks. This usually does not need an appointment.

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