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5 Oct

Three Factors to Consider Prior to Your Car Battery Purchase

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In terms of car maintenance, the battery is an essential factor as it powers up the whole vehicle. As every battery holds a specific lifespan, battery replacement is an inevitable part of a vehicle owner’s journey. However, choosing the correct replacement battery with all the similar qualities and any advanced features is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicle. Hence, there are three significant factors to be considered while finding the correct battery replacement.

Size and Age

The primary point to consider is physical dimensions that determine whether it would be a proper fit for the battery compartment. This is an essential factor that helps to avoid damages due to vibrations. Usage of a wrong size battery may also lead to serious problems such as overheating, spilling of fluids, further impacting its life. The battery size can be found either on the manufacturer’s manual or by consulting a professional car services provider. The battery sizes are mentioned as BCI (Battery Council International) number, comprising numbers and letters, which denotes the industry-standard group size of the battery.

Secondly, the age of the battery is another crucial factor that determines its life. The battery’s freshness can be devised through a code mentioned on the battery carrying letters and numbers denoting the month and year of its manufacture. The new battery should not be older than six months from the manufacturing date.


The capacity of the battery is further classified into three different types – Reserve, Power, Storage. The reserve capacity denotes the time during which the battery can independently run without using the engine. Moving on to the capacity, it is widely referred to as Cranking Amp (CA) or Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) that defines the amount of energy required. CCA denotes the battery’s ability to start at zero-degree Fahrenheit and hence is ideal for vehicles that run in the cold climate region. Whereas, CA indicates the energy consumed while starting the car at 32-deg Fahrenheit. As the power requirement of the vehicles is diverse, the storage capacity of the battery determines its ability to maintain a specific power load. Measured in Ampere-hour (Ah), higher storage capacity depicts that the battery can sustain for long and store electricity for a more extended period.

Life – Warranty

A critical determinant of a product’s quality, warranty, is a significant factor. It portrays the manufacturer’s after-sales support and free repair or replacement policy in case of any issues. Batteries with longer warranties ranging higher than 3-5 years are often considered to be an excellent choice. Battery warranties also differ according to the potential solution to be provided, whether it is a full replacement or prorated warranty that assures partial reimbursement.

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