Platinum Batteries

Platinum Batteries

Platinum has for long been the UK’s number-one selling car battery brand. Known for their longevity and versatility, Platinum batteries incorporate thick-grid technology for increased electrical capacity, improved deep cycle capability, and maximum starting power. It is also worth noting that Platinum batteries are 97% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option as well. is the most trusted source to buy genuine Platinum batteries in Dubai. We deal directly with the manufacturers and as such, can provide our products for the lowest market prices. Customers can choose to either drop by one of our offices or get in touch with our team on 800-145 to get the product delivered to their location.

Features of Platinum Batteries

Product Warranty = Platinum batteries come with a three-year warranty, making it easier and cost-effective to get repairs or replacements.

Available for Diesel Vehicles = Unlike many other car battery manufacturers, Platinum designs products for installation in diesel vehicles. This is largely responsible for its status as the UK’s most popular battery brand.

Heavy Duty Performance = In the UAE, drivers often tear down the highway at breakneck speeds, trying to get to their destinations on time. If you’re a perpetual hurrier, you need a car battery that can hold up under the constant strain. Platinum batteries promise heavy-duty performance and less risk of breaking down.

Increased Battery Life = All Platinum car batteries utilize Calcium technology to ensure longer shelf life. Should your battery malfunction prematurely, you can always rely on the aforementioned three-year warranty to get it repaired or replaced.

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