Emergency Jump Start Service

There are a number of reasons that lead to a dead car battery. Simply leaving your headlights on overnight can drain your battery significantly. Parasitic drain, which occurs when the vehicle’s battery continues to discharge power even after the engine has been shut down is another reason.

Whatever the reason for your battery’s expiration, the consequences are the same. An unexpected dead battery can result in missed appointments, canceled trips, and a whole lot of frustration. The good news is that most dead batteries can be gifted with new life with a simple jump start.

At Battery.ae, we provide emergency jump start service to customers located throughout the UAE. We offer reasonable market prices with no hidden charges, unlike some of our competitors. We operate 24/7, even on public holidays, so you’ll never be left stranded. For more information on our emergency jump start services, visit our online inquiry form or call us on +971- 4 341 2277.

Battery Jump Start vs Battery Replacement

Many people go straight to replacing their car battery when it stops working. However, this is an expensive, and not always necessary move. A dead car battery under two years old can usually be brought back to life with a jump-start. If the vehicle does not start-up, but the lights and radio continue to work, then it is a good sign, and a replacement may not be needed. Similarly, if you still hear a clicking noise when you start your car, a jump start will most likely solve your problems.

There are some situations in which a battery will have to be replaced. Most car batteries that are more than two years old are on borrowed time. Once they die, it’s next to impossible to start them up again. Even if the battery is only a year old, a replacement may be necessary if the vehicle’s lights and radio fail to work as usual. The absence of a clicking sound, when you try to start-up the vehicle is the final nail in the coffin and almost always means a replacement is needed.

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