Keep Your Car Battery in Good Condition
2 Oct

How to Keep Your Car Battery in Good Condition

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There is no doubt that a battery is one of the most integral parts of any vehicle. It not only helps your car to start up, but it also powers other electronic attachments such as ACs, music system, phone chargers, and so on. However, with time, the life of your car battery starts deteriorating. In this article, we will provide you with actionable recommendations on how you can take care of your car battery and adopt the right practices to boost its life.

Disconnect the Battery When Not in Use

Do you plan to avoid using the car for the next few days? It is highly recommended to disconnect the battery when not in use. You might not see this coming, but your battery gets drained even when your car is not in use and parked away. Not only does it get drained completely but will also impact its life adversely. The best practice here is to either drive your car once every three weeks or if you don’t plan to drive your car anytime soon, then simply disconnect the battery and charge it to full capacity.

Avoid Overcharging

You should avoid overcharging your battery if you charge it manually. Keep a close eye on its charge percentage every thirty minutes so that you can be sure of when to turn the charger off. The internal battery level might fail if constant power is fed to it. It will be challenging to replenish the failed level as most modern car batteries come sealed.

Keep the Battery Clean

Over time, dirt along with debris can enter into the cells of the battery. If not taken care properly, the battery terminals might get corroded, and lead to white-colored corrosive coating. Keeping the terminals and the top of the battery clean is very important because it will ensure that the electricity will flow freely from the terminals to other parts of the car components. You can use baking soda to clean the corrosive coating, and further use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly as a way to protect them from further corrosion.

Check Your Battery Functionality with a Load Test

It is highly recommended to carry out a load test on your battery every month. The load test can be done at your nearby garage by a mechanic. It will ensure that your battery is working in the right manner as intended, even in cold temperatures too. It will also help you to know whether the battery needs replacement.

Water Should Be Added Precisely

In case you feel that the electrolyte level inside your battery is at an all-time low, refill it using distilled water. Make sure that the water doesn’t overflow. Using a sports bottle or a funnel will help you control the water amount. After adding water, you can quickly charge up the battery with a battery charger.

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