Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start
2 Oct

Five Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

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Stuck on the road, and your car is not starting? It is a scenario that happens to the best, and most of us have no idea as to what to do next. A faulty car can not only prove to be frustrating but could also delay your entire schedule. Majority of the times your vehicle won’t start due to a few common reasons we have listed in this write-up. Familiarize yourself with these so that the next time you are stuck in such a situation, you will know what to do next.

The Car Battery Has Died or is About to Die

Yes, your car battery could die at the worst of times. It may happen due to a variety of reasons such as – you may have left the car light on at night, the wire of the car battery may have become loose, poor conductivity due to loss of water or just because it was past its lifetime. Try jump-starting your car, double-check the loose wire and try again. If nothing seems to work at your disposal, get it checked by a technician quick, otherwise, you might have to get the whole thing replaced.

The Fuel Filter of your Car is Clogged

A Blocked fuel filter prevents the right amount of fuel from reaching the engine. It might happen when you have driven a long way over hilly terrains or when your car seems to consume fuel more quickly than usual. Either way, the reason your vehicle is not starting may be a blocked filter. You can either get it cleaned or replaced to rectify the problem.

Damaged Ignition Switch

If you are sure your car battery is on point, it doesn’t have any fuel problems, and it still won’t start, another likely reason would be a faulty ignition switch. To diagnose a bad ignition switch, turn on the lights to make sure that it’s not the battery problem that is preventing the car from getting started.

Starter Broke Down

The starter helps the car in starting by providing enough force to the engine. Your vehicle has a broken starter when your car produces a clicking noise when you start it. Other signs include – generation of smoke from the front of the engine, oil leaks, or a loud sound while starting your car.

Out of Gas Fuel

It is the most common reason as to why your car won’t start – it has run out of fuel! However, if you have refilled the car’s tank just a few days back and haven’t driven much since then, this could be a matter of concern. It could be because of fuel leaks, poor tire traction, and clogged air filter or because of a fault in the car breaks. In either case, it is highly recommended to get your car checked by a mechanic.

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