Emergency Tyre Change

It is estimated that seven tyre punctures occur every second, this adds up to a whopping 604,800 flat tyres a day. Some of those punctures spell disaster for the motorists who suffer them. In the United Arab Emirates alone, defective or damaged tyres resulted in at least four on-road fatalities in 2017. In less extreme cases, they have caused minor injuries, missed appointments, and damaged hubcaps.

We have all suffered a flat tyre at some point, which makes the aforementioned statistic even more unnerving. With Battery.ae, however, you won’t have to worry about a puncture derailing your plans ever again. We provide 24/7 emergency tyre change service to any location within the UAE. Our experienced technicians can complete most tyre repairs in under 10 minutes! We cover all of the most popular tyre brands in the UAE, including Michelin, Good Year, Hankook, Bridgestone, and Dunlop.

For emergency assistance, contact us via email or through our website inquiry form. Alternatively, you can call us on +971- 4 341 2277 or even connect with us via WhatsApp!

Our Mobile Tyre Change Service Inclusions

Tyre Fitting

75% of millennials cannot change a tyre. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Call us in for a reliant and cost-effective tyre fitting service.

Wheel Balancing

Battery.ae mechanics will ensure an even distribution of weight throughout your tyres to keep them running smoother for longer.

Nitrogen Filling

Oxygen permeates through rubber at least three times faster than Nitrogen. In layman terms, Nitrogen filled tires last longer.

Air Filling

Incorrect air filling can destroy a tyre. Come to the experts at Battery.ae where air filling is strictly done as per the industry standards.

Puncture Repair

With our 24/7 puncture repair service, you won’t need those store-bought repair kits, that often do more harm than good.

Our Emergency Tyre Replacement Process

Place an Enquiry

If you’re interested in our emergency tyre replacement service, contact us through our online Enquiry Form. You can also reach us by telephone or WhatsApp at +971- 4 341 2277.

Mobile Assistance

When you contact us for an emergency tire repair, a Battery.ae mechanic will come to your location immediately. Our mobile assistance can be availed from any location in the UAE.

Work Completed

Battery.ae mechanics can repair or replace a damaged tire in less than 10 minutes. As soon as the work is completed, you can resume your journey in confidence.

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