Emergency Fuel Delivery

Dubai has about 1.4 million registered vehicles. Unexpectedly running out of fuel in such a busy city is extremely dangerous. Not only are you putting yourself in danger but also of those who are with you. When you run out of fuel on a highway or in a traffic jam, millions of panicked thoughts will run through your head. You wonder where you can buy fuel and how you’re going to get there. However, there’s only one thought you need to have in case of a fuel emergency: Time to call Battery.ae. Our 24/7 emergency fuel delivery service can be availed from any location in the UAE. Sign up to Battery.ae today or contact us on +971- 4 341 2277.

Why Call Us for your Emergency Fuel Needs

24/7 – 365 Days a Year

Some fuel delivery services in the UAE only operate during certain hours. Battery.ae provides 24/7 emergency fuel delivery and will be there for you even on public holidays.

No Hidden Costs

When you choose Battery.ae for an emergency fuel delivery, you won’t have to worry about incurring hidden costs. Our customers are charged only for the fuel based on the current market price.

Hassle-Free Payment Options

You may not be in a position to pay for an emergency fuel delivery right away. For that reason, we offer a hassle-free payment options and accepts both cash and card.

Gas Delivery FAQ

  1. How Quickly Can You Reach Us?
    At Battery.ae, we have team members stationed throughout the country. This allows us to respond to emergencies as soon as they come our way. In most cases, we can reach our clients in 30 minutes or less.
  2. How much do your charge/liter?
    We pride ourselves on providing a service that is free of hidden charges. We won’t take advantage of you in your time of need. You only need to pay us the current market price for your quantity of fuel.
  3. How much can you deliver at a time?
    We can deliver up to five liters of fuel at a time. This will leave you with more than enough fuel to complete an average journey in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
  4. When can we call for an emergency fuel delivery?
    Battery.ae is not necessarily a fuel delivery service. We deliver fuel only in genuine emergencies. If we were to send one of our mechanics to a not-so-urgent situation, somebody in genuine need would be left stranded.
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